UX Writing. Creating digital content

Seminar by Valentina Di Michele

4 december 2023

User experience-focused writing (UX Writing) is a discipline that straddles the line between clear writing and information design and is applied particularly to digital devices. Its aim is to avoid 'friction' between the user and the digital interface.

This workshop-type seminar is held by Valentina Di Michele, founder of Officina Microtesti, in mixed mode at Palazzo Antonini-Cernazai (classroom M1) and on  Teams.

For information write to redattologia @uniud.it


Enrico MONTI, Dynamics of collaborative translation

Conference by Enrico Monti

Beyond the collective imagery of the solitary translator, the history of translation shows how the plural dimension is present in multiple forms, starting from the cooperation between the various translation agents (principals, translators, revisers, etc.) to the various forms of collaboration in plural translations (cotranslations, translation binomials, collective translations, crowdsourcing, and so on). By reviewing some emblematic cases, an attempt will be made to identify the various types of collaborative translation and to isolate their salient features.   

Enrico Monti is a lecturer at the University of Haute Alsace (France) where he coordinates the Master in Scientific and Technical Translations. 

The conference will be in presence on Friday 17 November at 10 a.m. in Palazzo Antonini-Cernazai (room 8) and accessible on Teams at this link.

In order to register, please write to: redattologia @ uniud.it.


EU Language Policy: Can Translation Contribute to Language Justice and Democracy?

Conference by Michele GAZZOLA

Suppose we live in a country where we have to learn a foreign language in order to know the laws in force. How much will we be able to understand? And how much will we be able to act as citizens, using a foreign language? That is why, in the European Union, the translation service contributes to linguistic justice and democracy.

This topic will be discussed by Michele Gazzola, lecturer at the University of Ulster and guest researcher at the University of Udine, a specialist in the analysis of language policies and the economic and social aspects of multilingualism.

The conference will be in presence on Wednesday 5 July at 10 a.m. in Palazzo Antonini-Cernazai (room 6) and accessible on Teams at this link. In order to join the Team, please write to: redattologia @ uniud.it


Seminars on Professional Writing and Translation

Writing and translating in plain language

The Laboratory on Writing and Translation Studies has organized a series of seminars on "plain language" with experts in professional writing, document design, terminology and syntax. The seminars are specifically aimed at students of Translation and Cultural Mediation and comprise a theoretical and a practical part.

Students who attend  the seminars can obtain 1 university credit upon request.

For information please write to redattologia @ uniud.it